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Farm News - November

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Farm News - November

I'm sharing an entry from our final fall newsletter written with Sandhill.  When I found this Jefferson quote, it inspired us all to reflect on a season of growth and change.  

As we wrap up the 2016 farming season, we'd like to say a special thank you members who will be continuing on with Sandhill next year, as well as to those who will be continuing on with Jeff and Jen Miller and Prairie Wind Farm.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "Agriculture ... is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness."  We've chosen to farm because it allows us to be creative in what we do, to make a positive contribution to our community, and to take action every day to improve our natural world.

Each of our families has been honored, in turn, to be the anchor farmers within the Prairie Crossing community. A hearty thanks to all who will be supporting Sandhill and Prairie Wind next season. 

We hope to see many of you this winter.  Happy holidays to all!

~ The Miller & Sheaffer families

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