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Our passion for improving the health and lives of others fuels everything we do. We believe in a food system based on integrity, honestly and respect the plants and animals that create our food. We nurture our soils and treat the land with deference to build resiliency for generations to come.

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We value positive, hard-working, passionate people who enjoy being a member of a team, learning and working outdoors.

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Know your farm, know your food

Certified Organic

Vegetables and Farmland

We're dedicated to providing safe, nourishing food.  Our produce is USDA certified organic by the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA) unless otherwise noted in our newsletter.

Vote for your health!

A Fresh, Diverse Diet

We all want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and contribute to a healthy earth. Join us for one of the simplest ways to make an impact on your health by eating locally grown food.

Resilient, Rich Soils

Fostering our natural ecosystem

Through a diverse program of fertility management, our soils are now healthier and more productive.  These soils provide the flavor and nutrients for your food.

Make the most of your share

Cooking, tips & more

The Farm Newsletter helps you get the most out of your farm share. From recipes to storage & preservation tips, we help you in your journey of seasonal eating.  

Making Food Available to All

Sharing the Harvest

We strive to share our fresh, organic produce with others who suffer from limited access to fresh food. Since 2010, we’ve donated over 6 tons of produce to local food pantries. 

Farm Events

Visit the farm

Seasonal farm events provide an opportunity to visit the farm, meet the people who grow your food and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

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