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Your membership matters.

Farm Share membership is a very important part of our farm business.

As a farm share member, you build our three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. 
  • Our economic sustainability means that with your farm share/CSA membership, you're directly supporting family farmers. Unlike purchasing at grocery stores, every dollar you spend with us goes directly into our work. For produce we're unable to grow, we purchase directly from other local, family farmers who produce the food with integrity. We employ a farm crew each season who aspire to become more active participants within our local food system. 
  • Social sustainability means that with your support, we're working together to build a community that values honest food. Through Pizza Nights, the Spring Plant Sale and farm events, we connect you with local sustainable agriculture and connect with you others in our local food community that share our passion for preserving the ecosystem that nourishes our food. 
  • Environmental sustainability means that your membership allows us to farm "beyond organic." Each year, we take on new farming experiments to minimize our tillage and soil disruptions and enable microbial life to thrive beneath the soil's surface. We built a food forest to add perennial diversity into the farm and educate others in the process. We strive to give more to the earth than we take, allowing our soils to rebuild and grow healthier, more nutritious food in the future. Through these projects, we aim to improve the carbon holding capacity of our soil and produce a better environment while continuing to produce nutritious and delicious food.

Together, we share in the risks of planting a seed and the rewards of a bountiful harvest.