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How We Farm


Throughout our 16 years at the Prairie Crossing Farm, we aim to consistently model responsible soil and land stewardship through farming. We are certified organic through the USDA and we are also certified through the Real Organic Project. We mentor the next generation of beginning farmers to ensure a vibrant local food system.

We consider ourselves ecological or conservation-minded organic farmers. We strive to give more than we take, and we mean that in terms of stewardship of our land, care for our community and sharing knowledge. We use regenerative farming techniques including a complex set cover crop, intercropping, low-tillage and perennial planting strategies. We do this to improve soil health and life, building thriving ecosystems and producing nutritious food in ways that are sustainable for those who produce the food and eat the food.

We recently planted a 6-acre food forest made up of nearly 400 fruit and nut trees, over 300 berry bushes, and 3,000 asparagus plants to follow the natural contours of the farmland. A food forest is based on a concept to mimic natural ecosystems and nature's patterns with planted native crops. Our vision is to add livestock to these fields to graze the grasses between trees and add fertility in the process, creating an even greater positive impact for soil health and natural environment regeneration.