Farm fresh vegetable, fruit & egg CSA Shares

Grayslake Farm Pickup Site (Thursday)

Every other week shares are listed first, weekly shares are listed second.

Ader, Deborah 1 1
Attar, Brian and Alison   1
Barrett, Rick 1 1
Braden, Kristy   4
Burton-Loder, Emma   1
Chaitman, Beth   4
Chaney, Bridget   1
Cline, Stephanie   2
Conlon, Elizabeth   3
Deliduka, Steven 1 1
Dolan, Anita   1
Emery, Jan   1
Green, Mary   1
Haggerty, Gillian   1
Jordahl, Ann   1
Kempf-Grote, Anita   1
Kreckler, Laura 1 1
Lake, Sara 1 1
Lloyd, Alistair   1
Long, Michelle 1  
Luchsinger, Francine   2
Mann, Devon 1  
Mauritz , Melanie   1
Meadows, Kelley 1 1
Noverini, Barbara 1  
Ott, Adina   1
Quinn, Adam   1
Ranney, Victoria   1
Sheridan, Jessica   2
Shifley, Lindsey 1  
Thorson, Mary 1  
Williams, Jim 1  
Wolfeld, Ellen 1 2
Zazove, Robin   1
Zickus, Diane 1  
Attar, Brian and Alison 1
Braden, Kristy 1
Chaney, Bridget 1
Cline, Stephanie 1
Conlon, Elizabeth 1
Cummisford, Erin 1
Haggerty, Gillian 1
Henson, Kyle 1
Jordahl, Ann 1
Kempf-Grote, Anita 1
Kestler, Elizabeth 1
Mauritz , Melanie 1
McLoughlin, Laura 1
Merrill, Jennifer 1
Minsky, Steve 1
Nerge, Persephone 1
Novacek, Erin 1
Ott, Adina 1
Ranney, Victoria 1
Wisiol, Klaus & Karin 1
Zazove, Robin 1

Where: 560 Harris Road. We are located in the Prairie Crossing neighborhood. There is no access off of Route 120. You must use the Prairie Crossing entrance on Route 45 (just south of 120) or the entrance on Casey Road.
When: Thursdays from 3:30-7:00pm
How to Pick Up: The pickup will be inside the one-story white barn. Please enter through the large sliding door. We request that you bring your own bags for transporting your produce home. While you are at the farm you are welcome to check out the crops and chat with the folks who grow your food.

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