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Glenview Fall Shares

*Indicates weekly pickup. If no asterisk, every other week pickup.

Name Eggs Vegetables
Barron, Karen 1*
Burk, Shirley 1
Cahill, Bill 1 1
Costello, Helen 1 1*
Gabuzzi, Cynthia 1 1*
Latash, Sheri 1 1
Mcleod, Melody 1 1
Scott, Jack 1 1
Stoddard, Tracy 1*
Villasis Keever, Angelina 1 1

Where: St. David's Episcopal Church, 2410 Glenview Road. CSA shares are located in the Undercroft. Members are welcomed to park anywhere within the church lot.

When: Wednesdays from 3:30-7:00pm.
Pickup Schedule: Click HERE for pickup calendar.