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Summer Fruit Package (2023)

Summer Fruit Package (2023)

Save when you sign up for the full summer season!

Each delivery contains an assortment of 3 to 5 different kinds of fruit. Throughout the season you may receive strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, grapes, nectarines, raspberries, apples, pears, blackberries, apricots, cherries and more. Your fruit is selected by us based on what is fresh and ready-to-pick that particular week. We pay special attention to creating well-balanced fruit boxes and to make sure our boxes are as varied as possible from week to week.

The summer fruit package includes both Early and Late Summer Seasons.

Summer fruit shares are delivered starting the week of June 12th through the week of October 9th. Your exact delivery dates will depend on where you decide to pick up your shares. There are a total of 18 weekly or 9 every other week deliveries.

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2023 Shares and Pricing 

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We deliver to community pickup sites in the northern and western suburbs of Chicago: 

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        Farm CSA Shares (Spring, Early & Late Summer and Fall)
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          • Do you offer any payment options?

            Yes!  We accept all major credit cards, including Discover and American Express.  

            While some members choose to pay for their shares with a single payment, others choose to pay with our payment plan. 
            Here's how it works:

            A 3% processing fee will be added to the cost of your share, and the total will be divided into 3 payments. The first amount will be charged to your credit card at checkout. The second amount will be charged to your credit card 2 months from the day you register. The third and final amount will be charged to your credit card 4 months from the day you register.

          • I don't use credit or debit cards, but I'd like be a member. Are there any options for me?

            Yes!  We value your membership.  Please contact us directly and we can assist you further.